Our Programme Themes
Out integrated community development initiatives address the following areas:-
Literacy and Education.
Vocational training for income generation.
Community Health and Nutrition.
Awareness programmes on various issues.
  Promotion and formation of self-heal groups.
Promotion of local culture and tradition.
  Preservation of local environment.
Orphan home running.
. Promotion of education for handicapped child.

Our Activities
Gouri Sevapeeth has been continuously implementing, it's various programmes for socio-economic development in its area of operation.

Spreading literacy through non-formal centres: Dhapa-14, 57, 55, 58, nos. ward of Kolkata Corporation. Has a dubious record of having lowest literacy level in whole of West Bengal. The worst sufferers are the women who due to illiteracy and ignorance face exploitation at all Levels. Gouri Sevapeeth ran non-formal centres in many villages for women and girls under different projects. People provided free space for running the centres. The method of teaching was non-formal involving local dialect (Bengali), which helps the women learn effectively. In these centres functioned in the afternoon after women finish their household work and some in the evening when they return from their fields. An attendance register was maintained duly signed by the teacher and project co-coordinator who regularly monitored centres. Side by side they were given information on health and hygiene and after relevant issues.

Education Initiatives
Gouri Sevapeeth believes that education is true means of socio-economic and intellectual advancement of the society. Every child at least deserves primary education in irrespective of case, religion, or socio-economic background. G.S.P. aims at developing full mental and physical potential of each child. The school has introduced contemporary education and training methods. For this purpose an innovative approach involving a mix of class room teaching with audio- visual aids along with physical and extra-curricular activities have been introduced. The school provides an exclusive ambience for the all round development of the child's personality including aesthetic and moral values, emotional integration and communication skills. Today G.S.P can boast of a well stocked library with wide range of books for the various readers. G.S.P also provides free ships and sponsorships to poor and needy students studying in the school. We have introduced fee concession to deserving students by way of subsidized tuition fee for different income groups. There is a special concession among them.

Education Assistance
Gouri Sevapeeth assistance through 'distribution of books to the poor and backward students for promotion of higher education aiming to break their education.

An Integrated Approach to Women Empowerment
Women have always been marginalized and regretted, to the status of subjected class in the society. Due to lack of specific implementation of plans, local communities especially women have remained outside the scope and benefits of governments and programmes. The key lies in women empowerment through economic self-sufficiency and higher awareness levels on social, political and legal issues through mobilization. With this objective the project was implemented in Kolkata District covering towards. We follow an integrated approach in the intervention area where our aim was to encourage young children, adolescent girls to enroll for non-formal education and motivate women to go for function literacy. The methodology, followed was setting up the non-formal Education / Literacy Centres in 10 villagers. As part of the strategy the NEF centre teachers were given regular trainings and orientations so that they can interact with the children and adult learners alike. The women were encouraged to attend meetings where health workers discussed their health problems. Gouri Sevapeeth also organized health camps in the intervention area. The doctors were invited from several hospitals. They raw many patients including girls and women and gave medicines. They also gave information about sanitation and hygiene to the community basic education to young children who accompanied their mothers and were not enrolled for National open School Examination.
839 Women and girls were made functionally literate and 230 young children given basic education. Gouri Sevapeeth enrolled 1125 children who were given free education up to Class - IV. About 100 girls and 25 boys were enrolled in different villages. We conducted their examination in March 2011 and result was submitted to NIOS for certificate.
Total students appeared for the exam: 110
Total number of students who cleared the exam: 95
Total number of students who failed to clear exam: 15
Total number of girls passed: 65
  Total number of boys passed: 15

Community Health Programmes
Gouri Sevapeeth took six months programmers, on community health development. National based organization supported Gourisevapeeth for six months to prepare new intervention area. This bridge grant period was continuation of the strategies adopted in the previous years to prepare the community. In continuation of project Gouri Sevapeeth the initiatives continued in 7 villages that were part of old intervention, area. Meetings were organized in different villages about community health issues where community identified its health needs that included absence of basic health care services, sanitation, absence of toilets and hygiene for women and girls, infrequent immunization rounds etc. To sustain the environment created in the first5 phase Gourisevapeeth carried out meetings with the PRI members and religious larders, the main activities conducted were resource mapping of the Intervening Block. To build support with the students and teachers three competitions were organized in middle school and madarasa.
Gouri Sevapeeth organized orientation programme for CHWs selected from the new intervention area as well as for the health animators of the 7 old villages. Two cluster camps were organized at Muraripukur Ward & Kasba of Kolkata Corporation where PRI members including ward members, religious leaders, school-teachers, and other important people attended the meeting. Also members from the community including men and women were present in large numbers Doctors from several Hospital also attended the camps that gave extensive information about the facilities available at the hospital including hints of ANMs and immunization rounds at different villages.

* Awareness Programme
  Gourisevapeeth organized one day workshop with Maulanas and Maulavis on HIV/AIDs awareness at local madarasa. The General           Secretary Gouri Saha visited with the local Maulanas and Maulavis and discusses an HIV/AiDs 86 how to teach the [poor people               (general).

* Blood Donation Camp
  Gouri Sevapeeth organized a blood donation camp at ultadanga on the birth day of society. Near about 150 nos. donors gave their         blood at the camp 8s secretary gave a certificate and prize to the donors. Local MLA, MP and Scholar persons were participated the         camp and encouraged the donors.

* Nutrition Camp
  The main purpose of the programme was to promote the knowledge grow of the mother about the nutrition for their body. Many             young mothers with their children attended the programme.The General Secretary Mrs.Gouri Saha gave a speech on nutrition food;         she gave importance to impart the nutrition education to the young mother to care baby. A large number of young mothers                   exchange   their view among them during the seminar.

* Pulse polio
  Gouri Sevapeeth also participated pulse polio programme actively and generating awareness the rural and urban areas of West               Bengal.

* Environment
  Environment cell of GSP began functioning in Kolkata from -2006. It was set up mainly to promote the environmental activities of           rural development agencies, to disseminate environmental information through the publication of up to date reports an                           environmental exports, policy makers, individuals, and organizations working for environmental issues. Activities include researching       the role of women in community forestry and rural development conducting studies in soil erosion water logging, drainage and               seepage around select dams, planting fast growing trees.

* Orphan Home
  Gouri Sevapeeth organized an orphan home at Narayanpur Cycle Factory Math, Word No-5, Post Office-Gopaippur, Dist-24                     Parganas(N) P.S-Rajarhat. Orphan boys and girls since last 5 years. Their fooding & lodging also arranged by society.

* Sponsorship Programme at Gourisevapeeth
  Gourisevapeeth Gourisevapeeth was fortunate to find generous sponsors for poor and needy children who are being given free               education at Gourisevapeeth Pre-Primary School. At present 80 (eighty) students are being sponsored out of which 40 are                       girls. Gourisevapeeth arrange Tiffin, mid-day meal 86 school uniform for their students by his own efforts.

* Get Involved
   We recognize that contributions of time and talent are just as important as financial contributions. We, thus, encourage people to            contribute their time by making a conscious effort is participating in our programs to accelerate social and economic change in our          country.
   One can volunteer on the following issues:-
*  Academic
   • Teaching
   • Preparing teaching learning aids
   • Latent Talent Development (Theatre, Dance, Singing, Painting etc.)
   • Gardening, School, Sanitation, Tree Plantation etc.
*  Community Programs
   • Assist in campaigning a various issues.
   • Community Mobilization - Enhance community participation, sensitize a community issue.
*  Institutional Care
   • Counselling, spending time with children.
   • English Conversation.
   • Latent Talent Development.
   • Academic Support.

* Special Unit For Differently - Able Children
Spend time with children, introduce them in learning process.
Training in creative exercise.
  Corporate Office
Designation of Documents.
Computer Classes.
Software Products
Process Documentations
Research and Documentation
Administrative support (data entry, dispatching, packing etc.)

* Future Ulan of Action
Awareness programme for women income generation.
Vocational School Establish.
Herbal Training Institute Formation.
Home of Orphan boys 86 Girls at Barasat.
Old age Home at Barasat / (Short stay home)
Innovative School.
Condensed course of Education for Adult Women.
SHG Formation 86 Development.
Our organization also purchased a land at Barasat of North 24 Paraganas for home of handicapped child 86 Siliguri (Jalpaiguri            Dist.) for Eye Research Centre and Hospital.